What we do…

Northumberland Rivers Trust are ‘doers’ who concentrate on catchment, habitat and fishery improvement works. 

We are also keen to improve access and raise awareness about our great rivers.

We cover whole river systems, so are excellent vehicles for identifying any problems and initiating improvements.  We work closely with many angling clubs, but are not solely ‘an angling organisation’.

We are an independent organisation working for the public benefit (Registered Charity number 1145188).

We Cover all rivers and streams that flow into the North Sea, north of the Tyne and south of the Tweed. (So we do not include the North Tyne catchment or the Till catchment.) Our Catchments are: Aln, Coquet, Pont/Blyth, Lyne, Wansbeck and Coastal Streams

Why are we needed? There is evidence from elsewhere in the UK that an independent organisation focused on catchment working can bring about lasting improvements.  Rivers Trusts can work with angling clubs and communities, but also large organisations such as the Environment Agency, to deliver practical work and a range of awareness raising activities.  Funding is becoming available from DEFRA to deliver this work through new Water Framework Directive requirements.

The Rivers Trusts is a national ‘umbrella’ organisation, and is supportive of increasing coverage.

We have created an Advisory Group to help steer and support the work of the Trust, and help ensure that we avoid duplication, and focus on priorities issues and activities.  We are therefore needed to gather and condense views on what actions are required, and act to deliver real improvements by working with partners and local people.