2022-2023 financial year-new projects

1 April 2022 Off

April marks the end of one financial year and the start of the next batch of projects.  We’re delighted to be continuing work with Coca Cola this coming year to plant more trees and create another 6 wetlands.  We will also be building 3 fish pass easements in the Wansbeck catchment and creating another 7 underwater barriers to help slow the march of Signal Crayfish.  We will also be working with Northumberland Zoo to continue to raise awareness awareness of this iconic species.  Also at the Zoo, we will be creating 5 wetlands along the Longdike Burn funded by Northumbrian Water Ltd. NWL are also supporting tree planting work on the Lyne in the coming year. We’re still waiting to hear about a few Environment Agency funded projects, and the new Lottery project, if successful, will start in August/September. Fingers crossed!